The Jewish Voice from New York distorts again the Holocaust – Our rebuttal

The Jewish Voice from New York distorts again the Holocaust – Our rebuttal

Dear Editor,

Fake History = Fake News.

Bikont, as you helpfully explain, is a journalist and not a historian. She was not an eye-witness and neither did she speak to any actual eyewitnesses. Her tendentious accounts are on the “very dubious” and “imaginative” side of the scale.

You indulge in gross manipulation by not correctly captioning your photo. “Rows of bodies at Nazi-German Belsen Concentration Camp on April 15, 1945.”

Bergen-Belsen was and is in GERMANY. Germany was solely responsible for the Holocaust and the “Nazi” camps. Surely you MUST know that! That article was about Poland. 

To try and suggest otherwise, by such a crude and crass manipulation, would be an act of HOLOCAUST DENIAL AND DISTORTION.
“Attempts to blur the responsibility for the establishment of concentration and death camps devised and operated by Nazi Germany by putting blame on other nations or ethnic groups.”

Can Poland look honestly into its anti-Semitic past?” You mean the past with a THOUSAND YEAR history of Jews in Poland. The country that had 10% Jewish population prior to the German invasion and brutal German occupation. Poland, the country, that was for HUNDREDS of YEARS the center of the Jewish world. Some historians estimate that 85% of Jewish families alive today can trace their ancestors back to Poland. Most other countries throughout most of history banned or evicted Jews.

Poland the country that FOUGHT against Nazi Germany for the longest time and suffered the greatest losses and destruction. Poland the country that did the most to try and save Jews from the German perpetrated genocide. 

Surely this history reveals the complete opposite of what you suggest. I suggest you visit POLIN and learn some facts.

Oh, and in an interview Yitzhak Shamir subsequently retracted and apologised for his comment which he said was unwise and taken out of context. Plus, just because someone comes out with racist comments does not make those comments true.

You write about anti-Semitism through the red mist of your own anti-Polonism. Your words are written with a racist vitriol and ignorance of historical facts. The manipulation and use of that image was despicable and insulting to the victims of Nazi Germany.


Polish Media Issues

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