Big Mistake MSNBC – Fake History!

Big Mistake MSNBC – Fake History!

Email sent to MSNBC regarding their idiotic mistake.

Your “chief foreign affairs” correspondent made an ignorant and offensive mistake.

At 05:00 minutes.
“It is a big theme here in Poland because of course the Vice President and his wife will be visiting the Uprising of the Polish Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. It lasted for a month against the POLISH and Nazi regime. And so then on Friday of course Auschwitz.”

It is disappointing that she made such an error whilst reporting from a city that was 90% destroyed, to rubble, by the GERMANS after the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. No other city in Europe suffered greater. A city where over 250,000 POLISH people were killed by the German invader. A city where the streets ran red with Polish blood. 

Instead, Andrea Mitchell distorts history and fabricates that the regime was Polish and Nazi.

How much does she know about factual history? Judging by that mistake, not much. Poland had been invaded and brutally occupied by Nazi Germany. No country suffered greater losses. No country fought Nazi Germany for longer. No country, other than Poland, tried to do more to save Jews from the GERMAN perpetrated Holocaust.

Poland remembers. Every year the city stops for one minute.

Tell Andrea that Poles were victims and not the perpetrators. It is incredible that she should be so ignorant (or careless). Fake history = FAKE NEWS!

A correction and full apology is demanded for the disgraceful mistake.


Chris Jezewski

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