The Ugly Side of Poland’s Booming Economy or The Ugly Side of Bloomberg?

The Ugly Side of Poland’s Booming Economy or The Ugly Side of Bloomberg?

The leading US magazine Bloomberg Businessweek is trafficking in an anti-Polish, Orwellian narrative.

Poland will celebrate 74th anniversary of the tragic Warsaw Uprising tomorrow. Instead to pause for a moment and show some respect for the victims of Nazi Germany, the US weekly business magazine Businessweek demonizes Poland as a hotspot of “anti-Semitism”, and a country which rewrites history. In a very chaotically written story “The Ugly Side of Poland’s Booming Economy” by Wojciech Moskwa, bureau chief of Bloomberg Poland and his colleague Rodney Jefferson, Poland is being portrayed as a place where anti-Jewish sentiments are exploding and where the government covers up alleged Polish war crimes. Both authors try to scare off investors from injecting money in this apparently deeply “primitive” and “anti-Semitic” country.

A once leading business weekly has just reached the bottom of journalistic credibility and not even being able to correctly name the official function of Donald Tusk. According to Businessweek, Tusk is “the president of the EU” – a non-existent position. In fact, he is president of the European Council.

While attacking Poland as a country where anti-Semitism is “mushrooming”, the journalists of Bloomberg forget to mention numerous criminal acts of Israelis and American Jews in the first months of 2018 like painting swastikas on the gate to the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv, breaking into the embassy’s building or producing a hateful video like “Polish Holocaust” by the US Ruderman Foundation suggesting that Poles are responsible for the death of 6 million of Jews.

Even Yad Vashem tweeted about the anti-Polish campaign:

Considering the violations of the embassy’s immunity and dignity, and the hysterical attacks of Israeli journalists and US Jews on Poland, the alleged anti-Semitic reactions reported by the Museum of Polish Jews could be considered a normal reaction of people not accepting harassment and hate. There is nothing to report about an anti-Semitism. Bloomberg does not report facts but creates them. Actually, Poland is a very safe place for Jews, especially when compared to countries like the UK, France, Germany or the US.

If the director of the Museum of Polish Jews, Dariusz Stola, is not happy in Warsaw, nobody hinders him from going to France where synagogues must be protected by armed soldiers. In Germany, some synagogues have permanent police guards. He should be very thankful to the Polish state that it was able to inject millions of Polish Zloty in the creation of the museum – built on the graves of Poles from KZ Warschau and not on the ground of the former Jewish ghetto (as wrongly reported by Bloomberg). But well, “some people don’t like chips, some people hate Coca-Cola” – and some like Dariusz Stola and Bloomberg hate Poles.

But there are much more fake news and omissions in the Bloomberg’s story:

  • The Polish anti-defamation law has never been designed to rewrite history. There were isolated cases of a collaboration of Poles with Nazi Germans but nobody denies them (if somebody has something to conceal, it is mostly the American corporations of the WWII-era which co-operated with Nazi Germany and till now did not pay any compensation to 6 million Poles killed by Germans)
  • The judiciary system in Poland has never been reformed after the fall of communism. It is widely accepted as corrupt and self-serving. We have learnt recently that the vice president of the Highest Court is a former communist agent. He imprisoned members of Walesa’s “Solidarność”! Why does Bloomberg protect old commies?
  • Mick Jagger has never warned not to go back to the dark days. Actually, he ignored a provocation of the anarchic Polish opposition trying to pull him onside.
  • The irony about Polish expatriates is unacceptable – had the Allies not betrayed Poland in Yalta in February 1945, there would have been no communism in Poland, and masses of Polish migrants working for economies in the UK or Germany.
  • The family allowances in Poland are relatively low in comparison to other Western countries. It is really embarrassing that Bloomberg, a specialist in financial news, is so selective with data and doesn’t get it right that two and two make four.
  • Bloomberg whitewashes the evidence of Lech Walesa’s collaboration with the communist secret services. If Bloomberg doesn’t understand it, it should relocate its headquarters and their Orwellian keyboard artists to North Korea.
  • Poland has been a Catholic country for more than 1,000 years. Should it resign from its legacy and history only because a thug like George Soros injects billions of USD in the unrealistic idea fix of “open societies”? Bloomberg, perhaps you should launch a Soros News Service to make clear that there is a conflict of interests?
  • Yad Vashem is not a bastion of truth and people like Yehuda Bauer are well-known deniers of the WWII genocide of Polish people. It was exactly Bauer who had the gall in the past to untruthfully call the German death camps “Polish camps”. No wonder that he tries to spread fake news about Poland’s role in the rescue of Jews.

A reworded definition of anti-Polonism: “Accusing Poles as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Polish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Poles.”

If there was a death sentence by Nazi Germany for Bloomberg journalists for rescuing Poles, would Wojciech Moskwa or his colleague Rodney Jefferson have dared to offer the slightest help? We doubt it very much!