EU’s Double Standards

EU’s Double Standards

EU Article 7 proceedings against Germany? 

Below is a copy of an email sent to Guy Verhofstadt and Frans Timmermans. Both of whom were previously very vocal about (democratic) changes to Poland’s judiciary. We eagerly await for their thoughts and actions about the appointment of Dr Stephan Harbarth, a deputy (ie MP) in the German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag), to a position as a JUDGE and Vice President of a German Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht).  Harbarth is also a deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU Bundestag and member of the Federal Executive (CDU-Bundesvorstand). Therefore, we definitely can conclude he is a politician and this was a political appointment.
So when are Guy Verhofstadt and Frans Timmermans going to react and prevent this obvious political interference in Germany’s judicial system?  Rules are rules!  Same principles of democracy apply. It could be suggested it would be hypocritical of the EU not to do anything. The apparent double standards and lack of consistency would possibly suggest the previous outbursts, distortions and negative rhetoric about Poland were just an anti-Polish bias (racism?). #ValuesFirst or not?

Dear EU,
When will the EU taking action against GERMANY for appointing a POLITICIAN, who is Deputy CDU leader, to the German Federal Constitutional Court?

This appointment must be considered political. He was also appointed by politicians and he will become president of the constitutional court!

Germany, similar to Poland, deserves a judicial system free from political interference.

Although, there is irony since the EU as a political organisation has been interfering, for political purposes, in Poland’s judicial systems.

Incidentally, as you must know, most judges in EU countries are directly appointed by their governments. Perhaps it is only in Poland that judges look after themselves whilst supporting the opposition political party. How can some allegedly independent Polish judges take part in protests about the democratically elected government? It is a mystery to me. That bizarre post-communist system is widely perceived as corrupt and unfair. Justice is not being served.

The EU Commission should launch an urgent investigation into the appointment of Stephan Harbarth.

Chris Jezewski

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