A Call to Action in regards to the Pernicious Misinformation of US Congressman Stephen Cohen!

A Call to Action in regards to the Pernicious Misinformation of US Congressman Stephen Cohen!

If someone with common decency accidentally hurts someone with a knife that was not properly held, that person will not just say “I meant to put the knife on the table.  Forgive me for not holding the knife properly”.  The first words out of their mouth would be “I’m sorry.”  Then they would do what is necessary to help the injured get back to normal, and even offer to cover the costs.  They might also then explain how the incident happened and ask for forgiveness.     
Congressman Stephen Cohen of Tennessee does not adhere to the above standard of decency.  We know this because he falsely suggested on the CNN Anderson Cooper show that Poland was responsible for the more severe death camps during World War II, Auschwitz and Birkenau, but did not apologize.  He also did nothing to correct the misinformation he spewed to the viewers of CNN.   

Please see Rebuke of US Congressman Stephen Cohen statement we are looking to distribute that explains what happened, and what we want.

Our goals:
– A rebuke of Congressman Cohen by his peers,

– An apology, to be posted on all his digital platforms, such as his official website, and his Facebook page, as he does for other statments and letters of his.

– A correction of the hurtful misinformation Congressman Cohen imparted to the viewers of the CNN Anderson Cooper show.  The correction should reach that same audience, namely the viewers of the CNN Anderson Cooper show.  The statement should be something such as he did not intendt to suggest that the German Nazi concentration camps were the responsibility of Poland, or that they were in a sovereign Poland.  The camps were the sole responsibility of Nazi Germany, and they were in German occupied Poland. 

– A statement by Congressman Cohen in which he properly acknowledges the suffering of the Polish people under German Nazi occupation, by referring to it as a genocide, while also precisely, accurately and inclusively referencing the loss of life of six million Polish citizens, out of thirty six million, at the hands of the occupying Germans, while including in his reference that both three million ethnic Poles, and three million ethnic Jews, died as Polish citizens.  This, of course, would be in addition to another three million Jews who were citizens of other, mostly European, countries.

– Congressman Cohen needs to meet with representatives of the Polish American community engaged in this campaign seeking the above.

A.  We want people, no matter where they live on earth, to IMMEDIATELY start contacting Congressman Cohen repeatedly:

(The reason you would be contacting Congressman Cohen’s office after the first time is to find out if he recieved your message, AND, is he committing to addressing our requests, and/or when will he be fulfilling our requests.)

(A1)  via telephone at BOTH of the following numbers:

(901) 544-413
(202) 225-3265  

 (A2) via posting something on his Facebook page as well as by using messenger at: 


(Whatever you do, it must be stressed that we be respectful, especially to his staff.  They actually might agree with us.)

(A3) by FAXing  the Rebuke statement to his offices at BOTH of the following numbers:

(202) 225-5663
(901) 544-4329

(A4) In order to E-mail Congressman Cohen go to the following link 


Enter the zip code 38103-3915 from within his District.  Use one of the following addresses that are within the district that are within the Congressman’s district:

225 North Main Street 
Memphis, TN 38103-3915
125 N. Main Street Room #640
Memphis, TN 38103-3915
Give your name, and cell phone.
Fill in the space for comments:
Put something such as:
You have to apologize to the Polish American community and correct your mistake on CNN!

B.  Be prepared to explain what the Polish community wants, whether it is to the staff of Cohen, to Cohen himself, or to anyone else, such as other politicans we want to get involved.  The below is what we want:

(B1) a REAL apology, 

(B2)  a posting of that apology on his Fcebook and online pages, just as he posts his other letters and statements,  

(B3) a corrective statement on CNN Anderson Cooper show or on CNN at the same time,
(statement should mention that (B3a) his words suggesting that Poland was responsible for the German concentration camps on occupied Polish territory was incorrect,  (B3b) that Germany was solely responsible for the death camps in occupied Poland, and (B3c) that six million Polish citizens died at the hands of the Germans, which includes 3 million Jewish people, 3 million ethnic Polish people, in addition to 3 million other European Jews,  and (B3d) that what the Poles endured at the hands of the Germans was GENOCIDE.  The statement MUST include the words GERMAN and/or GERMANY!)

(B4) a meeting with the organizers of this campaign. 

C.  Reach out to your local Congresspersons and Senator, as well as local party clubs.  Do all the below preferably in the order listed:  (If you do not know who your Congressperson is, go to following link and put in your zip code)  


(C1) Call by phone, tell them you reside in their district, and tell the staff that you want to E-mail the Rebuke of US Congressman Cohen statement, and then send them the Rebuke of of US Congressman Cohen statement

(C2) Visit their office sometime, within a few days, after you called the office, and drop off a printed copy of the rebuke letter.

(C3) Please leave them your name and contact.  

(C4) Request that the Congressperson/Senator/Party club try to influence Congressman Cohen to meet our reasonable demands, 

(C5) Request that the Congressperson organize an official rebuke of Congressman Cohen

(C6) Request they sign up as a signatories to the Rebuke of Congressman Cohen statement that will be posted on the Polish Media Issues website, and other websites.

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