Yad Vashem hoaxes dupe the world and the New York Times jumps on the hate bandwagon

Yad Vashem hoaxes dupe the world and the New York Times jumps on the hate bandwagon

On July 5, 2018, Yad Vashem issued a slanderous statement which twisted German WWII perpetrators with Polish victims. The statement attempted to undermine the position of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to discredit the efforts made by Polish and Israeli leaders to implement a policy of reconciliation and respect between Poland and Israel. The statement reads among others: “Poles’ assistance to Jews during the Holocaust was relatively rare, and attacks against and even the murder of Jews were widespread phenomena”. 

Unfortunately, the New York Times jumped on the hate bandwagon and published a biased story repeating Yad Vashem’s false accusation. Please read our rebuttal.

Dear Editors:

Too bad the NYT wasn’t so concerned about the plight of Jews when it mattered, i.e., in 1942.  The story linked below was buried in a back page.

I feel compelled to point out that the Polish government-in-exile was also unable to help three million ethnic Polish victims murdered by Nazi Germany, millions more exploited as slave labor, or hundreds of thousands of Polish children of “Aryan” appearance kidnapped and sent to Germany.

Contrary to Yad Vashem’s report, the Polish government did indeed attempt to alert the Western world to German atrocities in occupied Poland:


From The Guardian:

“The files establish that some of the first demands for justice came from countries that had been invaded, such as Poland…”  and

“The Polish government in exile, the files also record, supplied extraordinarily detailed descriptions to the UNWCC of concentration camps such as Treblinka and Auschwitz, where millions of Jews were gassed. The accounts had been smuggled out of occupied eastern Europe. A charge sheet from April 1944 mention victims being forced to strip off clothing and how “the terracotta floors in the chambers … became very slippery when wet”.

And there was this appeal to the UN by the Polish foreign minister:



The entreaties of the Polish government were ignored, including by American Jewry who now have the temerity to accuse the Poles of passivity.

To Isabel Kershner and many others, Yad Vashem may be “venerated” and “hallowed,” but in this case, they are perpetrating fraud.   Furthermore, The NYT is delinquent for publishing this biased reporting.

I would appreciate your forwarding this email to the writer.  Thank you.

Yvonne Kowalczewski

Boston, MA

Yad Vashem: Memorial of Janusz Korczak, a Polish-Jewish educator, children’s author, and pedagogue. After spending many years working as director of an orphanage in Warsaw, he refused sanctuary repeatedly and stayed with his orphans when the entire population of the institution was sent from the Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp, during the Grossaktion Warsaw of 1942.

Maximilian Maria Kolbe, a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the German death camp of Auschwitz. He provided shelter to refugees from Greater Poland, including 2,000 Jews whom he hid from German persecution in their friary in Niepokalanów. Yad Vashem has never recognized Kolbe as Righteous and has never commemorated his efforts to rescue Jews during the WWII.

Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli scholar, opponent of the joint Polish-Israeli declaration and inspirator of the July 5, 2018 Yad Vashem statement tirelessly attacks Poles as alleged anti-Semites. Many years ago he called the German death camps in occupied Poland “Polish camps”.

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